Our Mission

To Provide Quality, Behavioral Health Services, And Access To

Education, Training, And Research To Fire Personnel At A National Level.

At IAFSBH, we recognize the innate value of all fire personnel nationwide and are dedicated to our commitment to excellence, education, clinical innovation, and leadership. We demonstrate this by: Providing exemplary behavioral health care services to the broader community of fire service personnel; Commitment to empirically supported trainings to behavioral health providers; Cultivating a work environment within fire stations where each person is valued and has an opportunity to apply behavioral health skills to foster both personal and professional growth; Advancing research in fire personnel from a biopsychosocial perspective; Fostering a culture of dissemination regarding our training and educational activities based on evidence based practices; Building and strengthening our relationships with fire service agencies and our local communities on a national level. The commitment of our organization to our mission allows us to maintain quality provision of behavioral health services and access to education, which are the hallmarks of IAFSBH.


To lead community providers in treating the unique physical and behavioral health needs of firefighters through research and training in evidence-based practices. 




  • Provide trainings for mental health professionals on evidence-based treatments and other effective treatments for the mental health difficulties commonly seen in a firefighter population

  • Broaden the research base on the emotional difficulties and the respective effective treatments in this specific population by identifying potential research gaps and participating in research projects

  • Increase awareness of the emotional difficulties and the respective effective treatments in this specific population by disseminating information to firefighters, their family members, and other behavioral health staff

  • Provide resources and educational workshops focusing on behavioral health to firefighters and their family members as preventative and post-crisis measures